Tech giant GOOGLE exposes Uhuru’s hypocrisy in just one stroke, what a shame !

By Donald Kipkorir

Google Celebrates Margaret Ogola And Exposes Our Perennial National Hypocrisy

Have repeatedly argued that Kenya and its people hate its brightest and best children. The brightest, the smartest and best Kenyans are either abroad or ignored locally. Our system doesn’t respect those who stand up for integrity or speak the truth to power.

Our system allows its worst, to rise to the top. Those that steal, kill, rape and illiterate and sycophants have more chances of rising to the top in Kenya’s political leadership and economy. Our system is rigged to offer opportunity to the scoundrels of the earth.

Margaret Ogola was a top Doctor who decided to work in Kenyatta National Hospital than going abroad. On top of it, she was a prolific writer. But being very clever and not coming from the right tribe, we never appreciated her. In a civilized country, she would have been in the Cabinet.

At the moment, many Kenyans serve at the highest levels in top institutions, universities and companies in US, Europe and South Africa bec we don’t value them. I know very many. I know top Lawyers, Engineers, Scientists, Economists, Investment Bankers, Private Equity Players & Research Scientists who are global stars but aren’t welcome or will be appreciated if they return. Do people know that Richard Dawkins, the world’s most influential Scientist is Kenyan? Barack Obama. Chris Froome. Makau Mutua. Dr. Steve Kaptoge. Roselyne Akombe. Mukhisa Kituyi. Nancy Onyango. Mohamed Wehliye. Ngalaah Chuphi.

Few years ago, my BFF Michelle Boit, who could be the only Oil Engineer in Kenya came back home. Tullow Oil employed her but paid her less than some illiterate Mzungus there. Our Ministry Of Energy couldn’t even employ her. This month, Glencore Plc headhunted her and paying her nearly three times Tullow’s Salary. Glencore’s annual revenue is us$300B (Kshs. 30Trillion) .. Our national GDP is paltry us$80B.