Simz Ngema: Women have it hard

Simz has shared that no day is the same in her journey of healing since the death of her young husband in 2017 but her willingness to heal has led her to continue with series of talks, a platform she has said opened her eyes to the struggles women go through daily.

“Healing is not a comfortable journey and we have a lot of healing to do, especially as women because they have it hard. Nothing is off limit when people begin to judge you as a woman. Whether you are a widow trying to pick up the pieces or a single woman trying to find a partner or a married woman trying to make your marriage work … they will use literally anything to judge you. That is why safe platforms are important, as women we must rely on each other for support.”

Meanwhile, the actress’s latest track, Thola Khona, has been receiving a lot of love from Mzansi and Simz has promised that there’s a lot more where that came from.

Here’s a snippet of some of her unreleased music.