Ruto running from Kiambaa ghosts, failed to attend burial of church PEV victim

President Uhuru Kenyatta and his Deputy William Ruto did not attend or even send a government representative to the burial of Kiambaa Church Survivor.

Elizabeth Wangui Kimunya who kicked the bucket last Saturday was laid to rest at her Kiambaa Home in Eldoret County.

Wangui Kimunya who was photographed following the dark ordeal that rocked the country following the disputed 2007/2008 elections was buried in a rather a low key and devastating state.

Only ten mourners attended the burial of the 83 old survivor who was struggling with the dark memories of the Kiambaa Church massacre.

Around 30 people were burned to death while the attackers chased others into the surrounding fields, hacking at them with machetes.

Uhuru and Ruto were taken to International Criminal Court (ICC) in connection with the violence.But both leaders were set walking free.

Although they were fully acquainted on the death of Kiambaa Church Survivor, they chose to attend the burial of lawyer,businessman and political analyst Kabage Karanja.

The ten mourners who spoke expressed their anger on the government had neglected the late Wangui.

As a matter of fact she was allegedly battling mental disorder, with her family members saying she developed the condition as a result of trauma that she was subjected to during the ugly 2007/2008 post-election chaos.

But Ruto has been attracted to the centre of Kiambaa Church massacre more than once.

In one of the plots to stop his presidency in a leaked audio, Jubilee Secretary General Raphael Tuju was heard daring the Deputy President to fund the raising ceremony of Kiambaa church if he is indeed truthful with his ‘harambee mission.’

Even faked posters have been created alleging that Ruto was ready to fundraise the re-construction of the church.

But it seems neither Uhuru or Ruto is ready to face the ghosts from Kiambaa Church massacre.