Return my virginity before I consent to divorce, wife tells court

Return my virginity before I consent to divorce, wife tells court

Toriola Suliat on Wednesday told a court her husband, Toriola Lateef, should return her virginity before she consents to his request for the dissolution of their marriage.

Suliat(28) told an Iseyin Grade C Customary Court, that Lateef who seeking disposition over “frequent public embarrassment” must return her virginity and good health, as she was two years ago before she agrees.

However, Lateef told the Court that Suliat always found of harassing him at his workplace and social functions attended by his friends and relatives.

Lateef also stated that he moved out of their matrimonial home due to unbearable development.

Suliat on her part said that Lateef had she charmed her into agreeing to marry him.

“Ideally I will not marry this type of human being, if not for the charm he used on me.

“I was looking for a charm to help my business grow and he told me that he will need to get some hairs from my private part and also make love to me, that was how I found myself married to him.

“When I got to his house, my business boomed and he also made a lot of money too and we got it renewed twice but now my health is deteriorating and he now moved out of the house.

“He must look for a way to return my virginity and my health before he can say he wants to leave me.”

The President of the Court, Chief Raheem Adelodun, while ruling on the matter said that the case would be put on hold until Suliat’s health condition improves.

He ordered the families of the estranged couple to seek urgent medical help for Suliat and update the Court every 15 days.