“Please save Githeri Man” Kikuyu elders urge SONKO

By Joseph Kuria
A delegate of elders from Mt. Kenya region led by freedom fighter Githu wa Kahengeri have called upon Nairobi governor His Excellency Mike Sonko to chip in and rescue one of their own sons Martin Kamotho popularly known as Githeri man.

Speaking at the traditional wedding of Kirinyaga governor Anne Waiguru and City lawyer Kamotho Waiganjo, the elders confessed that their current leaders have let the community down by portraying poor leadership.

They complained that instead of championing for the well being of their community by assisting President Kenyatta, they are busy politicking about 2022.

The elders said they were saddened by the sorry state of Head of State Commendation recipient Martin Kamotho alias Githeri man.

According to the leaders, it doesen’t matter how Githeri Man received the Presidential award, what matters is that now he is a public figure and a human being who needs help.
The elders begged Nairobi governor to come to Githeri Man’s rescue and wipe the shame off the face of the community. They said they only trust governor Sonko because he has done it for many people before.

The only leader who can save our son is the governor of Nairobi H.E. Mike Sonko. Because today is Kamotho Waiganjo’s big day and he shares the name with Githeri Man, we urge him to give a helping hand just like he did to Conjestina. Our leaders have failed the community” Said their leader Wa Kahengeri.

It is yet to be seen whether governor Sonko who is known for his philanthropic activities, will chip in and heed to the old men’s request. Our effort to get a response from the Nairobi boss was in futile as our phone calls did not go through.