Moonchild opens up about being raped and being sexually harassed by a relative

She stated that when she was younger her cousin would come for the holidays and would touch her vagina and teach her how to French kiss.

“I kept quiet thinking I was doing something wrong. I didn’t realise until I was older that I had been protecting a molester. I can’t say he’s doing good.”

The star also recalled a time when she was raped in Joburg.

“I was raped in my room on the floor, the guy who apparently saw the guy rape me thought I was cheating on him (we weren’t dating also) so he left the room clearly seeing I’m passed out. The guy did his thing, I woke up with him inside me with a condom.”

She explained that she decided not to report the rape because everyone seemed “cool” about it. The guy got a lift home and that was the end.

“Sometime this year I messaged him, I was livid and since then I chose to forgive him for myself.”