Mass bribery “cries” in census recruitment process in Ndhiwa, Kericho sub counties

The youth are in war of words with the Homa-bay county commissioner and the relevant deputy county commissioners.
In Ndhiwa sub county,Hom-abay county there were complains that people were bribing the recruiting authorities a move that prompted Kenya today to call the deputy county commissioner Joseph Bilut.
Speaking to Kenya Today, Bilut insisted that they were doing the recruitment in accordance with the law.
The public made outcry when a wife to a sitting MCA and a current majority whip in the Homabay county assembly was seen participating in the interview despite heading Koduogo health facility thereby being an employee of the county government.
Talking to an insider on anonymity, the former majority leader is said to have made numerous calls to influence the ongoing process.
” Bwana ogindo anapiga simu sana hapa, bibi yake aliletwa kwa interview na prado tx KCF 200 . hii kitu imefanya ata akina DC wameshindwa kupea watu nafasi kwa sababu ya kuogopa hatma yao kisiasa na pia inaonekana wadogo wake wamepewa pesa. awali walikubaliana watapea vijana wenye hawana ajira kazi lakini sasa pesa inatembea sana hapa”
The Deputy county commissioner ignorantly said that they will give her a job despite her working in the county government justifying himslef that the recruitment exercise didnt exclude those who are employed.


Residents of Kericho county have held peaceful demonstration in the central business district due to unfair recruitment of census officials in the ongoing process.
The angry alienated youth said that most of them had qualified but the relevant authorities were bribed to see their friends and relatives take the positions.
They have asked the regional coordinator of rift valley George Natembeya to cancel the process and intervene immediately.