How Uhuru advisor Stanley Chai employed 29 of his relatives in Mombasa Port

President Uhuru advisor and head of Blue Economy secretariat Mr Stanley Chai is on the spot for employing 29 of his relatives at the recently opened Mombasa Port’s new terminal CT2.

Apparently the Blue Economy advisor to the President, Mr Stanley Chai, who hails from Kilifi County decided to reward his people by having them as the seafarers of the new company that was put in place by the President to manage Mombasa Port’s new terminal CT2. 29 out of the 119 new recruits happen to be his relatives yet the positions were supposed to be filled by people from across the country; Mombasa County where the terminal is located got only 9 slots while a far a way county of Kiambu got 8 slots.

Clearly even if Mr Chai was to reward coastal community he should have distributed the positions fairly among the 6 counties of the region with a Lion share going to Mombasa, Kilifi, Kwale and Lamu for they touch the Indian Ocean and the Tana River and Taita Taveta to follow. Well, finally the Miji Kenda are rising faster than Mt Kenya mafia thanks to bwana Stanley Chai !

Tribalism and nepotism will never end in this country if those who cultivating these seeds are not called out and ashamed in public.

If the trend of rewarding relatives and tribemates is not stopped then many will not even know that a national cake exists leave alone missing a piece