How DP Ruto is planning to install his ally (MALE) to the Bomet deputy governor’s post

Deputy president William Ruto is on the last stages of installing a former politician and his closest ally to the Bomet deputy governors position.
This is after the death of former governor Joice laboso.
The favourite to the former Eldoret Noth MP is likely to be a man from Sotik constituency.

Harsh Governor Barchok
Various CECs have packed their belongings after the man who they earlier downplayed rose to be the full boss, rumours has it that only 5 will be retained with the former university lecturer.

“Meanwhile naskia Bomet County kifagio inafanya kazi. Wale wote walidharau mtu akiwa DG Wako mashakani. Barchok the new Governor Acheki na watu. Credible reports have indicated that he will only retain 5 of the current CECs. The rest have already packed their belongings and have left the offices. Further it is now confirmed that the choice of a deputy Governor has narrowed down to two former politicians a man and a woman. My sources have indicated that the man will take the day and he is from Sotik. He is the choice of William Ruto himself.” said Abraham Mutai