Dear Governor Alfred Mutua, utaambia nini watu sasa? You are cornered !

By Onyango Ochieng Jnr

Alfred Mutua utaambia nini watu!! I’ve always maintained that you are just a potential scrap metal dealer who used political artifice/conmanship to swindle his way to power. Once there, like the proverbial cheap hoodrat who promised an insanely sexy lady 10 rounds in bed only to disappoint upon being handed the difficult task to deliver what he promised; you are now reverting to discredited April Fools Day ideas.

Manufacturing endless PR stunt after another to justify you incurable leadership ailment, undiluted love for mediocrity, shortsightedness and overrated hollow showboating. The ambulances are dead, out of 28 only 4 are pretending to work! The police cars are all dead as the deadest dodo! The swanky inspectorate cars launched with a media btliz are are dead!

The beautiful graders and road equipment is in a comatose.The tractors! the tractors! the tractors Alfred! Alfred the tractors were to provide food security, have they finished tilling Machakos,achieved their desired purpose and retired into this graveyard like Simon Makonde!!! They are dead awaiting burial in Kariobangi. Alfred, like I said your hidden talent and skills lie in scrap metal dealing.

Your best place is Kariobangi Scrap Yards as a Salvage scavenger. Here brother, you’ve convinced even your finest admirers and unwithering critics that you can turn entire Machakos machinery into scrap overnight.

I’ve written to the Scrap Metal Dealers Association in Kariobangi, wondering why they’ve taken too long to spot, tap and nurture you brilliance in this field or even appoint you the life CEO of Kariobangi Scrap Metal Scavengers.

Meanwhile, check out the stadium Sonkoree has finished doing in Dandora to be launched by President Uhuru, then compare it with that flood trap you did in Machakos that nearly drowned footballers during CECAFA Senior Challange Cup.

Wi kamundu ka sinema sya laisi muno