Court blocks MPs house allowance increase

The orders stopping the Parliamentary Service Commission (PSC) from further paying MPs Ksh.250,000 monthly house allowance has been extended.

Presiding Judge John Mativo had earlier this month directed that the suspension remain in force until the SRC case is heard and determined today (Wednesday).

However, the order still stands until June 24 pending hearing of the matter.

The MPs awarded themselves Ksh.25o,ooo in monthly house allowances backdated to October 2018.

Each of the 416 members of parliament that is, 349 National Assembly members and 67 senators were to get the allowance.

The SRC was opposed to this move as it warned the scheme would result in loss of public funds in excess of Ksh.99.5million per month and Ksh.1.194 billion annually.

The commission then went to court seeking to recover the MPs house allowances which it argues are unconstitutional.