BBI is a burden to Kenyans , “Ongeza Mzigo”- DP Ruto dares his boss

Deputy president has hit out at President Uhuru Kenyatta and opposition that they are adding burden to Kenyans through the Building bridges initiative.
Ruto who referred to BBI as “ongeza mzigo” initiative said that the country doesn’t need a referendum to progress.
Ruto who blamed the opposition for not doing their work said that they have really delivered a lot to Kenyans.
On the war on corruption he talked of their full commitment.

“If we are not winning the war on corruption we would not have built 700km of road and built the SGR.”

The second in command also said that the main aim of Jubilee was not to win the election.
Ruto: When we formed Jubilee in 2012 it’s primary goal was not to win elections. But to unite KENYANS.

“We are already receiving grain from our neighbours, Uganda and Tanzania.” – Ruto

Ruto: SGR is a huge success.

Anne: We have statistics from KNBS and it indicates here that it’s making loses.

Ruto: The fact that SGR is making losses is a lie. FAKE NEWS.

Basically Ruto is saying Kenya National Bureau of statistics is lying. What a farce! #RutoOnPunchline