Why the story over CS Magoha order University students Uniform went viral

The size, physique, character, conduct, demeanour, thinking, intellect, level of maturity and practically everything else about today’s university student is a copy of who we were back in high school. And we wore school uniforms. Initially, it came out as fake news but it is an order that i didn’t put beyond Magoha to issue, and as sure as Ruto will never be President, it has turned out to be true that he has ordered that all University students wear uniforms. And i back him. Fully!

You’ll have to forgive me because i grew up back in the day of Adungosi, Mwandawiro, SONU, ‘the Great Court’, ‘Boom’, ‘Box’ and ‘Boom Box’. The sight of these kids lying down, lined up like a bitch’s tits, bottoms up waiting to be caned by cops is so revolting a sight that they are better off taking corporal punishment whilst dressed the part. And they cannot string together a proper English sentence. They use ‘X’ where they ought to use ‘S’, spelling ‘Sex’ as ‘Xex’ ~ or is it ‘Xes’? ~ and have it in plenty.


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