Why Raila is winning Hearts of the Luos after Economic Kisumu Tour

The gains from H.E Raila Odinga’s working tour of Kisumu:

One, immediately the establishment of Kisumu Special Economic Zone(SEZ) at the 500 acres parcel of land in Ombeyi, Muhoroni is complete, over 24000 Kenyans will be absorbed. The Special Economic Zone will see many industries such as textile apparels and Leather products established in Kisumu and the products from this industrial market will serve the European Union and the extended AGOA market. Being an industrial park, SEZ will house several industries.

Two, the completion of the SEZ will see the SGR reach Kisumu and a 14 billion modern inland port put up in Kisumu West constituency.

Three, Ksh. 500 million in this financial year has been set aside for the lake front development and revamping maritime transport along Lake Victoria. Another 2.5 billion will be factored in in the next financial year ( 2019/ 2020 ) for the same thus making the total sum for lake front development be Ksh. 3 billion.

Four, the construction of the Mamboleo – Muhoroni road to serve this Special Economic zone/Region has been negotiated and is its final touches.

Finally, the completion of the Ksh 1.9 billion Kisumu Oil Jetty will see over 4 million litres of oil products shipped to Uganda on a daily basis thus removing over 260 trailers from our roads which have in the past damaged the roads and minimising roads accidents caused by trailers on transit from Mombasa to Uganda.

Once all these projects are complete, The AU’s Supremo for Infrastructure and Development H.E Eng. Raila Odinga together with his brother President Uhuru Kenyatta and President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni will officially launch them. This is expected to be in August, 2019.

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