Why Dating Someone In Your Industry Is Actually The Best

They won’t get mad if you’re tired

They won’t question why you’re so tired. They know. They understand exactly what a day in the life of you is like. When you date someone outside of your industry, sometimes you can feel judged as if they don’t really think your work is that exhausting.

They understand the hours

They aren’t attached to some picture perfect image of having dinner at 6 pm, and going on all-day excursions on the weekends. They know that in your industry, the hours fluctuate and when something important comes up, you have to be on it. They don’t mind working with your hours trying to find a date night because they have very similar ones.

They get the small victories

Your parents may not understand what it means to have gotten this or that score on this or that exam, but your partner knows all of the opportunities it opens up for you.

You can attend work events together

Your partner won’t be doing you any favors, and you won’t be doing him any favors by attending one another’s work events. These are mutually-beneficial events where you can both make good contacts and learn about something you care about.

You don’t need to limit work talk

You don’t need to watch the clock and cut yourself off after discussing work for twenty minutes because your partner is really just enduring it. You are both passionate about your work, and you’re free to bounce ideas off of each other late into the night

Source: Jataba.com


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