WATCH VIDEO – Side chick gatecrashes wedding in bridal gown & cause havoc

More than 642‚000 people can’t be wrong: this video might be an oldie‚ but it’s a goodie.

Five days ago‚ Johannesburg house music producer DJ Nkokhi tweeted a 30-second video showing a spurned lover gatecrashing her boyfriend’s wedding to another woman by walking down the aisle in a bridal gown.

Now the video has been retweeted 7‚000 times‚ bringing its total viewership to 642‚000.

Nkokhi said: “Side chick rocked up at the wedding also wearing a wedding dress. Groom trying to calm the situation.”

The 30-second video — part of a longer clip posted on YouTube in November 2016 — shows the groom‚ wearing sunglasses on top of his head‚ arguing with the unexpected guest while his bride-to-be stands at the altar.

In the background‚ some guests can be heard screaming in shock while others appear to be cheering the woman on.

Hundreds of people have commented on the video‚ with some blaming the best man for what happened.

@Patience Qina said: “Best man should have picked her up and driven her 700km away.”

@ThatBongiwe commented: “I hope every man that cheats gets a side chick like this.”

Juanita Hawkins was outraged by the passivity in the church. “How is the main chick still there patiently waiting for the wedding to continue? How is none of her friends and family shutting this down? Who the hell is cheering?” she said.

Nomvelo Shandu said: “The mains always know about the sides. They choose to ignore.”

Andile—R commented: “I wonder what lies he tried to feed his fiancee afterwards‚” while Tokologo Legwale said: “This woman is a legend.”

Ntoko Phakade‚ though‚ was not a fan. “She’s insane for sure‚ how could you try to cause scene like this?” she said.

And @K1NG–LOK1 said: “This babe has unlocked a new level of petty.”


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