Videos: Fidelity guys rob themselves next to wonderpark estate, orchards, pretoria north.

Watch Videos : Fidelity guys rob themselves next to wonderpark estate, orchards north of pretoria.

Pretoria – A group of people have been filmed looting a cash in transit van after it was robbed by fidelity workers.

In the video doing the rounds on social media, people can be seen picking up money after the cash-in-transit vehicle was robbed.

Pretoria police spokesperson, said the incident happened on wensday next to wonderpark estates,orchards – North of pretoria.

“It is alleged an unconfirmed number of suspects blew up a cash-in-transit van with explosives. They left with an undisclosed amount of money.”

It had been said that the van was looted either by members of the community or motorists passing by.

“We condemn this behaviour as it has led to the contamination of the crime scene. It has made the police’s work difficult,” he added.

He said police were considering taking action.


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