TV Presenter Kim Jayde Opens Up About Being Told To Have A Boob Job

TV Presenter Kim Jayde Opens Up About Being Told To Have A Boob Job! She is one of the hottest women in media right now and is as confident as they come but it has not always been like that for the Zimbabwean born.

Kim Jayde recently shared how growing up she went from being compared to her mom and later other models. But things got worse when she started dating. Kim shared how the men she dated would criticize her body.

“I dated guys that told me about my body and ‘how it should look’. A couple of them (ex boyfriends) even suggested I get breast implants,” she shared.

Now Kim has found her confidence and often show it off in hot style on social media. “The older I get, the more comfortable and confident I am in my skin. That’s why I’m posting a bunch of these photos, because I’ve learnt to love my body. When I’m 80 I’m going to look back and realise I was fire and I shouldn’t have let others judge my body or put me down.”

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Sun-burnt but So Happy! It”s been an incredible vacay away from land, out at Sea! 🛳⚓

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