The Legacy actress Chiedza Mhende ‘wandile’ is pregnant by boyfriend ‘Andile Nebulane’ in real life

Generations The Legacy actress Charlene Chiedza Kudzai Mhende ‘wandile’ is pregnant by Andile Nebulane who is a Capetown actor

Our Generation the Legacy woman who previously acted as a man and now acting as a women after  a Transgender Surgery is reported is now pregnant in real life. His female fans were all heartbroken as he was pleasurable to watch on the Soapie as a man.  A huge fan said she felt her heart breaking literally after hearing the news as she was already planning to have kids by the star.

When asked if she has met him or rather her then the fan said no but I was planning to meet him. I used to drive to Auckland park where the Generation studios are every evening and waited outside hoping to see him walk out and I never saw him. When the news that he was a she broke out I then realised that I’d always see a woman who I always thought looked like him except that of course she was a she.

As if that’s not enough now a source very close to the actress then told us that Chiedza is expecting the mega star actor Andile Nebulane’s child.  Sorry ladies but it looks like your hearts have been broken twice by the same “woMAN”. First she made her self unavailable to you and now she has made your dream man unavailable to you aswell.

The couple has apparently been spotted several times in public but it seems a lot couldn’t tell who the woman was because they are used to seeing her as a man every night on their screens. The couple is the perfect match and they make each other very happy although Andile Nebulane has a serious relationship going on but he loves both his women the same and who knows maybe one day he’ll marry both,said the source.

-Mzansi Stories


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