Shashi Naidoo,Khanyi Mbau and others on embracing natural body hair for #Januhairy

One of the local celebs who will be participating is actress Khanyi Mbau‚ who claimed she had found herself “involuntarily” supporting the campaign after a hectic festive season.

“I guess I have been so busy over December that I literally have a bush under my armpits. So I involuntarily support the campaign‚” she joked.

The Januhairy campaign‚ started by British student Laura Jackson‚ has led to women around the world shunning their razors to grow out their armpit and leg follicles. The hashtag #Januhairy campaign on Instagram has garnered nearly 2‚500 posts from women proudly showing off their hair growth under their arms and on their legs.

It has gained support from international celebs such as Julia Roberts‚ Rihanna‚ Madonna and Adele‚ who boldly displayed their body hair in pictures.

The trend has received mixed reactions‚ with some applauding the move‚ while others labelling the campaign as “disgusting”.

One Instagram user posted: “I have not shaved since No Shave November 2011 and I’m never going back. Love all of me or none of me! I have had more than my fair share of social criticism about it but that’s their problem not mine.”


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