Say what? Jidenna reveals a Soweto barber keeps his hair fresh

Speaking to The Citizen recently, Jidenna, who is set to tour Africa during August and September, said not only does his Soweto barber cut his hair, but he also gives him updates on the local music scene.

“When I hit the ground in Joburg, I link up with my barber from Soweto, who usually tells me what’s popping and who is on the come up,” he told the local publication.

Inspired by the dapper gentlemen of the 1800’s, the Harlem Renaissance, and traditional West African design, not only has the rapper stepped on the music scene with a hot hit, but he has managed to bring back the “dandy” style to the hip-hop culture.

“My style is heavily inspired by the Harlem Renaissance with hints of traditional West African design. The marriage of European and African aesthetics is a direct expression of my heritage,” he told Fashion Bomb Daily during an interview.

And fittingly, he pairs his style with slicked back hair and a heavily stated side part, in addition to resembling one of his muses, Paschal Beverly Randolph, by wearing an impressively stylised (but well-groomed) beard.


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