REVEALED!!! President Uhuru reveals his most emotional moment

uhuru-kenyatta EMOTIONALI had been signing agreements with the Japanese ambassador for some major infrastructure projects for Kenya when I was informed of the news that I was among those people responsible for violence in the country,” said President Uhuru Kenyatta.

This was the President’s explanation of his lowest moment during the entire ICC process after he was named by the court as being one of those responsible for the 2007/8 violence in the country.

Speaking at an interview that hosted journalists from various media houses while in Belgium, Uhuru said he walked away from the meeting and went to watch the television

“I felt it was better to stop what I was doing at the time and instead go and watch television. It is part of life. There will be challenges. My happiness is that we have moved forward,” said Uhuru as quoted in the Star.
Speaking for the first time on the cases since he was named and had to attend numerous hearings at the Hague based court, President Uhuru Kenyatta was of the opinion that Kenya should never go back to that place of violence again.


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