PHOTO: Five Reasons Ghanaian Ladies Bleach

Growing up as kid in a Ghanaian society, i never really thought about the idea of bleaching. I didn’t even question the idea of having “white” dolls against “black ones”.

As an adult(late 20’s), there are many things that intrigue me. In the past, our community respected women with true sense of humour, women who were adored with outward and inner beauty irrespective of their skin colour. In most cases, such women were called “Obaasima”, which literally means complete woman. The idea of “Obaasima” makes me wonder why most black women(and fair ladies) bleach in recent times. If black is beautiful, why do black women black?

Some black women I have seen bleach and bleach until it gets to the point when their skin begins to peel off with black spots developed on their cheeks and hands. This is really common from the region in Africa where i come from….Ghana the land of the brave, resources, mighty talents and very lucrative, palm greasing religion.

Here are five reasons why people bleach:

Low self esteem: Now this people could either be educated or otherwise but mostly they just don’t feel they have the beauty enough to be accepted in society as a beautiful person. This group of people don’t feel good in their skin. People believe that the only way one can be beautiful, attractive and accepted is to be light skinned. I did not know how serious it was until I started my national service and payed more attention to my mums ladies shop a few months, I discovered that the cosmetics section was the most patronized. I think guys need to up their game and tell ladies they are pretty the way they are and society, movies, idolized people are not helping either..

Men Prefer It: Most ladies are under the impression that men prefer “lighter skinned ladies”  and come to think if it this is very true in most cases. There was an instance where a man in particular wanted a fast action cream that would bleach his wife in a week. I was surprised and wondered why a husband would want his dark skinned wife to bleach her skin. It is very serious now that many don’t just use bleaching creams anymore, they take cancer pills and those who can afford it take Arab capsules to be light skinned. I have seen lots of intelligent people, male and female who are obsessed with the light skin. Worse of all its on TV, advertisements do hype bleaching to be cool under the toning disguise. That takes me to my next point…

Skin Toning: Some ladies end up bleach their skin under the influence of toning. Most people are convinced toning is perfectly normal and healthy and some people throw it in the public domain to be a regular best practice. Toning is the concept applying creams to even out their skin tone. I don’t disagree with the idea though but thanks to skin toning in the advertisement a lady friend, Betty (Not her actual name) went for this cream to apparently even out her skin tone but things didn’t turn out right for her so she had to get another cream to correct this deformity. But guess what the harm is already done and as to whether the other cream would surely correct the problem is another issue.

Marketing Advantage: Other ladies especially celebrities bleach their skin because they realize that skin bleaching will give them a social and economic advantage if they had lighter skin. You would realize people in their late 20’s and mid 30’s suddenly start bleaching in order to gain advantage when meeting potential marriage partners. This is in light of recent studies which show how those with lighter skin have better chance of advancement than those who are darker-skinned.

Bleaching is a sign of Prosperity: From research Alpha Hydroxyl Acids and Vitamin E and A are perfectly good for the skin and is a perfect anti-aging agent. Others also use bleaching creams to treat acne. We acne doesn’t exactly look good and i would sympathize with majority of this people but the ones i don’t sympathize with is those who think looking light skinned is a sign of prosperity. Reminds you of one

Yvonne Nelson,Yvonne Nelson

Gifty Osei’s Mother Defends her Daughter’s Skin Tone; it is a gift from God and this one I Am Bleaching To Become Ghana’s Ambassador To Germany- Bukom Banku and See PHOTOS of the Sad Ending this Skin Bleaching Cream Promises. and co right.. Am not hating on them but just wondering why majority of our so called “celebrities” (including guys) tend to have lighter skin with success in their fields.

Examples of bleaching cases …

bukom banku not bleaching joyce bleach 7


bleaching 4 bleaching 2 bleaching

What do you think? Would you have your girlfriend bleaching? 

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