Olive Mugenda’s Daughter Graduates with PhD in Aeronautical Engineering

It’s not often that you hear of a PhD in Astronautical & Aeronautical Engineering. It’s even rarely when it is a woman getting it.

Former Kenyatta University Vice Chancellor Olive Mugenda’s daughter graduated with just that last week. An elated Mugenda took to Twitter to share the news of her girl Angie’s achievement with the world.

Angie was studying at Purdue University in the US, a very highly regarded University for engineering courses.

”Blessed to attend my daughter’s graduation at Purdue University – USA. Congratulations my dear girl, Angie, on attaining your Ph.D in Astronautical & Aeronautical Engineering. Use your skills to leave a mark wherever you go. You have made me a proud mother. God bless!’‘ Mugenda tweeted.


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