Ntando Duma Claps Back At Troll In The Coldest Way

Ntando Duma Claps Back At Troll In The Coldest Way! The media personality never shies away from hitting back at haters in the name of protecting her brand.

After a troll made fun of Ntando’s ever changing hair, the star clapped back with a cold response.

“I love it and very glad I can change it ANYTIME I want to. Imagine you with that nose like an igloo,whatchu gonna do?,” Ntando responded. Ouch!

After a fan told Ntando she had taken it too far, Ntando said she had to make it clear that she can also be mean.

Yes! I had to show her that I also can be as mean as she can be to people she doesn’t even know!

Did she consider my feelings when she tweeted that?No! Now I have to be the considerate one? It’s NOT HAPPENING.Thing is y’all feel too entitled. NINESDINA🙄 https://t.co/I3RiRBriB4— Ntando Duma Mthomben (@dumantando20) February 12, 2019


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