No kidding! Kim Kardashian's sex tape turned into a virtual reality 'experience'

No kidding! Kim Kardashian’s sex tape turned into a virtual reality ‘experience’

TshisaLIVE | 2016-10-26 14:18:31.0

Kim Kardashian’s sex tape reimagined.

The porn company which bought Kim Kardashian’s sex tape, Vivid Entertainment, has turned it into a virtual reality ‘experience’ where customers can interact with a doppelgänger of the star.

Titled The Kim Kardashian Superstar Experience, the video allows viewers to experience the infamous tape “using the latest immersive technology,” according to the New York Post.

The so-called “experience” begins with actual footage from Kim’s sex tape with singer Ray J. Moments later, a Kim lookalike steps into the frame and brings the video to life. Helmet-wearing viewers are able to interact with the doppelgänger as she performs sex acts on them.

In between uttering phrases including “Hi there, I like your room” and “I know you bought the video because you wanna see me. Why don’t we just play here,” the adult actress begins to, uh, pleasure herself with a sex toy as you watch from the comfort of your own bed.

Vivid Entertainment is currently charging R1654,52 ($119,97) a year for membership to the site.

Kim sued the adult entertainment company in 2007 after it released the original sex tape, titled Kim K Superstar. She later dropped the lawsuit and settled for a reported $5 million (more than R68 million). It is unclear whether the new virtual reality video violates the agreement.


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