Nigerian Pastor Bishop Zuga Launches Special Water That Can Do Wonders

A Nigerian Pastor named Bishop Dr Sam Zuga has just taken to facebook to reveal that he is launching a special water called World Wanders Water As seen on his facebook page Bishop Dr Sam Zuga;


The sole founder of SamZuga Foundation and House of Joy Ministry Worldwide, Bishop Dr. SamZuga has launched what many have described as another inter- ballistic missle against the devil. He called it World Wanders Water (WWW).

Earlier, the launching of the WWW was scheduled to hold in the seventh second of the seventh minute on the 7th day of July, 2017, in Niger State and was to be officially launched by the former head of state Retired General Abdusallami Abubakar who doubles as the Patron of SamZuga Foundation. But like the blessings exchanged for Jacob and Esau in the Holy book, so has God asked him to, for no genuine reason, launch it himself here at home thereby giving his people at home, the privilege to witness it.

The Man of God also disclosed that he has decided to cut short his tour in foreign lands to come and appoint his Special Adviser on Grassroots Mobilisation(Pevkyaa Solomon), to have a round table discussion with the coordinators of his new project called SamZuga Academy, and to launch the World Wanders Water. “After all of them are successfully done, I will be leaving Nigeria for America for the continuation of my tour”, said Bishop SamZuga.

Addressing thousands who came from length and breadth of this country to witness this occasion at SamZuga City in Gboko, Bishop SamZuga described water as a very dangerous source of life where all devilish activities are done. Albeit water constitutes about 75% of the human body, SamZuga noted that it remains a questionable medium of life. He explained that water is been boiled before consumption for this reason. Moreover, he recalled that after the deliverance of the man with many sins in the Bible, the evil spirits in him were casted into pigs which ran into water and since then, nothing has been heard on when and where was the water which became the habitat of the said pigs was set free.

Bishop SamZuga cited what the Italians call Triangollo delle Bermuda(The Bermuda Triangle) as an example of water. The Bermuda Triangle is an area in Atlantic Ocean where many ships and planes have disappeared under mysterious circumstances.

Speaking further, SamZuga informed that with all these, man has not questioned the actions of water because it is not Man made but God’s made. “So who will question the arrival of World Wanders Water? “, the Man of God imagined.

SamZuga therefore assured that World Wanders Water can see, hear, act, heal, revitalise dead businesses, excavate buried charms, open closed doors and wombs, force people to forget and remember you, open blocked brains, give bountiful harvest and produce millionaires among millions.

In her testimony, Pastor Grace Agape revealed how WWW has really brought many to live in Katsina-Ala and beyond, calling on all Nigerians to trust and patronise it for their good.


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