Nasty C’s real girlfriend comes forward

Nasty C’s real girlfriend comes forward

A few weeks ago, a video surfaced of Nasty C out and about with a young lady sporting blonde braids that had everyone asking if he has finally found a girlfriend…

And then, about a week ago, he posted an intimate picture with a different girl that left people confused…

However, the picture is off an American Instagram account belonging to a 21-year-old American girl and the image above is an old picture of her and her former boyfriend. The picture caught Nasty C’s attention after someone tagged him in the photo, saying that he looks like the man in the photo (who’s face is obscured by the girl’s body).

Two days ago however, a young lady by the name of Samukelisiwe Zulu, posted the following image of herself and Nasty C, with the caption “lucky I’m in love with my best friend.”

A quick scroll through her account makes it seem as though the pair really are dating.

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