Nakhane Toure makes prestigious New York Times 10 Artists to Watch in 2019 list

The accolades and adoration just keep flooding in for SA artist Nakhane Toure‚ with the star recently named among the 10 hottest artists to watch in 2019 by The New York Times.

The prestigious list is seen by many as a barometer of not only the hottest upcoming artists‚ but also those on the cusp of making it into the stratosphere in the mainstream music industry.

We all know that the American music market is traditionally one of the hardest to break into‚ but Nakhane seems to have sliced it open.

“The songs on his album You Will Not Die delve into both trauma and redemption. They ponder faith‚ pleasure‚ exile and belonging; they traverse hymns‚ neo-soul‚ South African pop and electronic dance music‚ and Nakhane’s voice crests in a vibrant‚ androgynous falsetto. Tenacity carries him toward joy‚” the paper wrote of him.

Nakhane was over the moon at the recognition and‚ taking to Instagram‚ said he was “gagging” (we think with excitement?) at the news.


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