Man Locks His Head Inside A Cage To Stop Himself From Smoking Cigarette (Video)

A lifelong smoker keen to quit has taken drastic measures to kick the habit – he has locked his head in a cage which prevents him from putting a cigarette in his mouth.

Ibrahim Yücel is so unsure of his own willpower that he entrusts the keys to the bizarre contraption to his family so he is not tempted to release himself.

The Turkish man was inspired by another successful health campaign – the safety helmets worn by motorbike riders.

However, since his father died of lung cancer, he has been desperate to quit for the good of his health and his family.

He has made several attempts to give up, but has always returned to the habit despite his efforts.

So Mr Yücel, from the western province of Kütahya, designed the helmet, similar to a birdcage, which prevents him from smoking a cigarette at all.

Every morning he heads off to work wearing the elaborate device – and he takes extra measures to stop himself from opening it and sneaking a smoke.

He leaves the keys to the cage with his wife and his children, meaning there is no way he can break his vow to himself.

The family was initially dubious about his slightly ridiculous get-up, but after a few days they realised that the plan might just be the thing to help him give up at last.

However, not all Mr Yücel’s neighbours have got used to the sight of his head encased in metal.

Video footage shows him walking around his local area followed by young children, entranced by the unusual spectacle.


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