Lerato Kganyago & Cassper Nyovest in a relationship with no strings attached

Lerato Kganyago & Cassper Nyovest in a relationship with no strings attached 

Lerato Kganyago sets a follower straight with a stinging clapback.

Lerato Kganyago made an example of a follower who questioned her about her private life, making it clear that she doesn’t owe anyone an explanation.

The radio personality took to Twitter on Sunday afternoon to express how happy she was with life at the moment.

“Man! Heart so freakin happy!! So content. So thankful, so grateful!,” she tweeted.

It was then that the follower insinuated that rapper Cassper Nyovest, who Lerato has been spending time with, may have something to with her happy heart.

“Cassper be doing the most,” tweeted the person.

Lerato and Cassper have been working with US star Jason Derulo on a track for the World Cup. This seemed to give the follower the idea that there was more to their relationship.

Obviously Lerato did not take the insinuation lightly and fired back with a spicy clapback.

“How about she’s happy cuz she got a great deal, she’s nominated for a SAFTA, she’s just happy and content! Why does it have to be about a man? A man that I’m working with by the way.”

She also didn’t mince her words when she told followers they had no right to question her about her private life.

“Let me make this clear for you love, like you, you don’t need clarity about my personal life. It’s mine not ours! Let’s respect each other, boundaries!”

Lerato is not here to play games.


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