Kirinyaga hospital mess exposes Ann Waiguru, incompetent like her Ex, too much PR over nothing

By Lempaa

If you expected Kirinyaga Governor Ann Mumbi Waiguru to know what is happening in hospitals across Kirinyaga county, you are in for a rude shock. Waiguru when prevaricating on NYS scandal said that she did not even know how much a pen in her office costs …

She said she did not know how much he desk and office table she sat on cost! . Waiguru is busy courting Ruto to be made the Running Mate for 2022 presidential elections and has no time to serve Kirinyagans!

Waiguru therefore does not know, is not aware of the state of hospitals in Kiruguya . The story of Kiruguya hospital is heart rending. Rather than the institution being a place of treating diseases it is a center of spreading diseases .

Waiguru is a quintessential test tube politician. Before she was made the devolution CS nobody knew her . She was manufactured as a politician by Uhuru Kenyatta ….The state of that hospital has exposed her big time. She is intolerant and sacks workers carelessly ….


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