Kelly Khumalo on trolls: I block all the garbage I don't need in my life

Kelly Khumalo on trolls: I block all the garbage I don’t need in my life

TMG Entertainment | 2016-06-23 12:56:07.0

Kelly Khumalo has no time for haters.
Image by: Kelly Khumalo via Instagram

It’s no secret that Kelly Khumalo isn’t shy to voice her opinions about anything and everything.

This often includes showing ‘haters’ the door on the regular.

The songbird has once again come out strongly against haters, making it clear that it does not affect her.

In fact, Kelly says she gets happy when she sees negative comments, because it allows her to focus on the positive.

“I’m always happy to see nasty and negative comments whenever I post something, that allows me to block all the garbage I don’t need in my life,” she said.

Kelly added that she will continue to block haters and negative comments. “I will block until I’m left with nothing but positivity in my life. And thank you to those who love, support me and appreciate me for me.”

The singer also came out in support of Bonang who revealed during her Marie Claire cover interview that she has been called every single name you can think of and has been bullied on social media.

Sharing a screenshot of the article, Kelly says that she relates to Bonang’s experience.

“I know this at first hand, one thing I’ve learned, it’s easier to cast the stone when you have not walked the path.”


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