Imbewu:The Seed’s Tony Kgoroge’s Car Reportedly Gets Repossessed

Imbewu:The Seed’s Tony Kgoroge’s Car Reportedly Gets Repossessed! The actor is reportedly knee deep in debt.

According to reports, the repo men came knocking under the instruction from Wesbank to repossess the Kgoroge’s Mercedes Benz C300 after he failed to pay his monthly installments.

“I can confirm that the car was repossessed by Wesbank. However i am not aware about the new court application filed against me,” he told Sunday World.

My situation will show people that the struggle of the artist is real. Yes I failed to pay for the car because i had to sacrifice it so that i could pay for my house and kid’s school fees.

”I am not ashamed to stand up and say this. Forget my Instagram and my wife’s pages because this is what we face in real life. Broadcasters are repeating our shows and we are not getting paid for that,” he added.


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