If Kenya Power Were to Start Selling Tea, This is How Much a Cup Would Cost

Show me someone who has been accused of being a thief more than Kenya Power has and I will show you a liar.

The country’s only power provider has come under fire in recent times over unexplained inflated bills. Kenya Power and the Energy Regulatory Commission (ERC) are now required to explain the hiking of power bills according to an order by The High Court in Nairobi earlier this week.

The order was in response to a petition filed by everyone’s hero lawyer Apollo Mboya. Justice Chacha Mwita issued the directions when the matter came up and Kenya Power lawyer Kimani Kiragu said he is yet to file the responses on the issues raised as he had been unwell.

The judge granted an adjournment and directed the parties to file responses and submissions and serve within 14 days.

The matter is set to be heard on October 9, 2018.

Meanwhile, Kenyans have been discussing the matter on various social media platforms. An interesting analysis is going viral as it breaks down how Kenya Power arrive at the price of a cup of tea should they venture into tea business.

The analysis was in response to a trending image showing that only Sh71 out of Sh500 goes into buying power units.

Here’s that breakdown.


If Kenya Power were to start selling tea, their billing for a glass of tea would be as follows:

1. Tea. 10.00

2. Sitting fees when being served 30.00

3. Milk in the tea. 20.00

4. Water in the tea 15.00

5. Tea leaves. 18.50

6. Cooking gas. 9.00

7. Salary for cook 5.00

8. Rent. 5.50

9. County licence 13.00

10. Others. 15.00



Please pay before being served.



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