How Much Money Kaelin and Kyrah Make On YouTube

(Last Updated On: January 23, 2017)

Kaelin Edwards and Kyrah Stewart are a young American couple from California who run the channel called Kaelin and Kyrah. Their content is mainly pranks, challenges, couples DIYs, weekly bedtime stories, science experiments and any other content that is family friendly. They also have a vlog channel where they share highlights of their day to day life.

The two met each other when they were 13 years old in the 7th grade back in 2009. Kyrah broke the relationship after three months then it was rekindled when they joined high school. They have been together ever since and plan on getting married young plus travel the world together.

How Much Money Do Kaelin and Kyrah Earn On YouTube?

The main channel has over 800,000 subscribers as of early 2017 growing by around 2,000 new subs daily and has accumulated over 70 million views so far. It is able to get an average of 400,000 views per day from different sources and this should result in an estimated revenue of around $600 per day ($220,000 per year) from the ads that run on the videos.

The vlog channel is still fairly new at this point in time and it is able to get around 60,000 views daily which should result in an estimated revenue of around $90 per day.

YouTubers get paid between $2 – $5 per 1000 monetized views after YouTube takes its cut. Monetized views range from 40% – 60% of the total views. All these are influenced by different factors like device played on, location of the viewer, ad inventory, season, topic, how many ads have been played on a video, ad watch time, ad engagement, placement ads that advertisers choose a specific YouTube channel or video (these are higher paying) etc. to come up with the figure to be paid out.

The couple also generates extra income from sponsored videos and have worked with companies like Best Fiends who pay thousands of dollars for product exposure.


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