Dj Zinhle finally feels like a real mom, a great mom.

We still in Mother’s Day’s month, henceforth incredible moms will be celebrated. DJ Zinhle is one of the greatest celebrity moms in SA and she does not take her responsibility lightly. “This is the one thing I receive and celebrate with open arms and a willing heart, the gift of being a mother,” she shared on her blog, Moments by DJ Zinhle.

Zinhle shares her daughter Kairo with rapper AKA and the two are dotting parents. She opened up that after Kiaro was born, she did not even feel like a mother, because she didn’t feel worthy of such a big role. Thirty-four months later, now Zinhle finally feels like a real mom, a great mom.

“I am finally accepting that I am worthy of this incredible role. I am ready to discover and learn more about my child and myself. I am not perfect and that is okay because motherhood might mean that I am blessed, chosen and great but it does not mean that I have to be perfect,” she continued.

In conclusion, Zinhle said, “I feel joy knowing that I am a great mother. Kairo is my gift and I have been trusted to love her and take care of her. It’s not my job to question my role or doubt my worth but it is my duty to receive and celebrate it everyday. I celebrate that I am a great mom and will continue to be the best mother I can possibly be.”

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