Carefree iFani: I really don't mind dying broke

Carefree iFani: I really don’t mind dying broke

TMG Entertainment | 2016-07-08 13:22:28.0

Musician iFani says he doesn’t mind dying broke.

He might claim to be accumulating millions, but musician iFani says that he doesn’t mind dying broke.

Since embracing a new outlook on life, iFani has been going around sharing advice about being happy and the true value of success. His comments have inspired fans but it seems the rapper is so content with chasing happiness that he doesn’t mind dying broke.

Taking to Twitter on Thursday, iFani explained a new lifestyle where he has no plans and is chasing happiness in the moment.

“I don’t think about the future. Whatever comes, comes. Debt. Death. Flop. Success. Wealth. Whatever. I’ll see it when it gets here. Phat Joe asked me, what am I doing these days. I said nothing. I just read spirituality books and do whatever comes I have no plans I just live,” he said.

Discussing his freedom with fans, iFani explained that he has no desire to chase money and would be content to die broke.

“I really don’t mind dying broke. It’s not my prayer. My prayer is to be happy in THIS moment. NOW. Qha,” he added.

His comments come after the rapper recently told Drum magazine that he had been swimming in R50 000 debt back in 2012 but has since recovered and is now able to donate millions to education.

“Yes, I have these millions, but we know millions will come and go,” he said.


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