Bromance is Real! Once Major Rivals Nameless and Jua Cali Enjoy Family Fun Day

Paul Julius Nunda, better known by his stage name Jua Cali, and David Mathenge alias Nameless, are easily two of Kenya’s modern music pioneers.

Nameless rose to fame in 1999 through a star-search contest on Capital FM which he won with his original song “Megarider.” In 2001, Nameless signed with one of Kenya’s longest-serving record label -Ogopa Deejays.

Around the same time(2000), Jua Cali, together with producer Clemmo, founded Calif Records which at the time was a fierce rival to Ogopa Deejays. In 2001, Jua Cali released his first recorded track – Ruka – and as they say, the rest is history.

Close to two decades later, the two legends are still much in the game, with Nameless currently riding high on the charts with his recent release -Oh Why.

‘Oh Why’, a deeply emotional and personal song for Nameless is partly inspired by the singer’s recent brush with death after suffering a subarachnoid hemorrhage.

As he continues his recovery, Nameless recently got a pleasant visit from Jua Cali and his kids. And he took to social media to remind his followers just how far he and the King of Genge have come.

“Once major rivals in music, now respected friends who go through similar triumphs and challenges in the industry…” wrote Nameless.

He continued: “Juzi Jua Cali visited me at my home and our kids spent the evening playing together, blessup my brother….I always remember when I first met him in a show in mombasa and the MC for the night was Edward Kwach and kwach whispered to me “Monski you need to watch out for this guy Jua kali, he is becoming a force to be reckoned with”

Those days I was used to being the show stopper ( yani mimi ndio nilikuwa wa kusema).. haha.. and yup Jua Kali shikad that show heavy.. ( akaniingisha baridi) I went back to ogopa to report! “Guys, this calif guys wanaanza kusumbua” hahah. Good times!! ”

Check out Nameless’ ‘Oh Why’ lyric video below.


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