Ashes to Ashes actor Nyaniso Dzedze recovering from ma_sturbating the whole weekend

Ashes to Ashes actor Nyaniso Dzedze recovering for ma_sturbating the whole weekend 

32-year-old actor and choreographer Nyaniso Dzedze has opened up about his addiction to s3x and how he was addicted to [email protected] off from the age of 16 – 30 years old.

The Ashes to Ashes actor revealed all this after a friend had posed the question, “Do you jack off?” on their Facebook group.

Nyaniso, just like his name told the whole truth and nothing but the truth. ‘I used to jack off tons.’ He admittedly said.

The actor shared that the addiction was so intense that as a teenager he would pretend that he was sick just to get the pleasure of [email protected] all day.

“I used to jack of tons. I used to jack of lank hard. I used to pretend that I’m sick on Sundays so my mom would leave me at home alone and I would jack off all day (Then I’d pray and repent all night before school).”

Nyaniso then went into further details by saying that he would [email protected] all through the night until the following day in the afternoon without sleeping. Wow.

“More recently, I would jack off from Saturday night till Sunday afternoon without a wink of sleep. Screens are addictive enough and the activity will screw with your brain, making you think it doesn’t need sleep, now combine that with s3x (p#rn) and I could literally go days without sleeping, just stroking, eating, pissing, shitting, stroking.” he shared.
Nyaniso admits that he was an addict but is recovering from his addiction. Although he was shamed for being an addict, no amount of shaming would stop him from jacking off as the ridicule from people made him feel worse about himself which resulted in him [email protected] even more.

Nyaniso went on to reveal that his addiction stemmed from past issues he did not deal with but has learned to rehabilitate himself by addressing those issues.

“It was only when I started using emotional tools that addressed the root of my hurt. The more I worked on the heart of the problem, the less I needed p#rn and jacking off to feel better. Since I started moving my inner instability about, two and half years ago I must have gone to p#rn and jacked off a few times rehabilitating, but I am not an addict anymore, I don’t need it anymore.”

The actor’s revelation about his addiction is his way of making awareness of how men have placed their power in what he terms “s3xes hands” and how it is important that men regain their power.

“As men, our power belongs to s3x. Worse more, our s3x belongs to objectified bodies, that’s why we are slaves to s3x. Our s3x and our s3xual pleasure are entirely invested in the other human whose body we experience s3x with. We have handed our power over to the world. My brothers let us not look away, let us see, let us look at our patterns, so we have the power to change them. Let us OWN our power.”

The actor recently got married to his long-term girlfriend


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