Are album launches still relevant?

Entertainment of Monday, 6 February 2017

Source: Flex Newspaper


Abena Ruthy9Abena Ruthy

Not too sure about the last time we were given an invitation to cover an album launch as a news firm but I know it`s one thing that is going on every weekend.

The idea of the album launch has always been to make the product known to people and again to raise some funds to support promotion and activation. Looking at album launches some years back, it used to be very productive and profitable but whether we can say same for today is another issue of concern.

Those days, people were investing and showing genuine concerns to artistes and their executive producers and were in a position to always support them during their album launches. After some time, these benevolent people realized that those who were doing the album launches were doing it for monetary gains, so they were not in a position to support them any longer.

Sadly, that is the level we have gotten to currently. The harm here has even affected major names and brands in the gospel fraternity and it`s really killing the gospel fraternity.

The caution here should even go to new artistes who have gotten no following like the senior artistes. Instead of them to be thinking about launching their albums, what they should rather do is to find ways and means to popularize their works and that will be all one needs.


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