Amanda du Pont On Why She Had To Leave Her Real Goboza Presenting Gig

Amanda du Pont On Why She Had To Leave Her Real Goboza Presenting Gig! It’s been a while since Amanda du Pont left RGB and without fully explaining why.

Amanda who has been avoiding the spotlight side of the showbiz industry, working and minding her own,  has finally spoken out about why she left the hit celebrity gossip show.

In an interview on Metro FM with Thomas and Pearl, Amanda revealed that it had begun to affect her friendships in the industry and didn’t find it worth it anymore.

“I enjoyed the platform, but certain parts of the show had to be spicy and saucy to certain people and I no longer had it in me to do it. I know it was for entertainment but at what cost? It’s not ok, imagine I know you and next week I’m like ‘Yhu, Pearl what were you wearing? And I’m like that’s not me and it doesn’t serve me or my purpose so maybe it’s time I should leave,” she said. 

Amanda got candid sharing how her dear friend Khanyi Mbau called her one time after she had said something on air and had to explain that it was scripted.

“I remember Khanyi once called me and she was like ‘Friend how can you say that? My mom loves you, why would you say that about me? ‘And I was like friend, they made me and it was at that point where I was just like, I don’t have to do this, so now it’s all about things that are positive.”


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