5 Tips To Note If You Don’t Want To End Up With Scary Brows

Eyebrows give the face structure and frame it but when not done well the face ends up looking funny.

The purpose of ‘doing’ the brows is to achieve a tamed and flattering brow that shapes the face not one that appears ‘drawn’ and over exaggerated, coming off as unreal.

Brows can be defined and tamed using brows gels, fillers and even pencils which are intended to be used on the brows to enhance their appearances and give picture perfect definition but this is achieved over time and with constant practice.

To achieve great brows, these five tips are the No Nos to bear in mind to set you in the right direction.

1. Go easy on intense colouring/darkening

While there are fillers, brow gels and pencils to be used to enhance the brows they shouldn’t be used to alter the colour. They should be used in light strokes in the direction of the brow hairs and to fill sparse areas.

Overly darkening or filling the brows with colours especially one in the colour of the hairs is a no no if you don’t want to end up looking ridiculous.

2. You start off square instead of filling along sparse areas

Eyebrows shouldn’t be drawn from the beginning, the edges are supposed to be left to look as natural as possible. Filling should come after the edges and should be done in sparse areas to make them look as natural as possible.

3. You create a super exaggerated arch

Some people draw exaggerated arch instead of following the brows’ natural arch to make it look as natural as possible. Creating a fake arch creates a constant ‘surprised’ look which is scary.

4. Untamed brows

To achieve well defined brows, the brows should be trimmed and kept in natural place first before being worked around for a picture perfect definition.

5. You shave off the entire brows only to draw it back!

Never ever shave your brows off entirely only to draw it back! That’s obviously funny not to  mention tacky.

Source: Pulse

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