10 Real benefits of living a healthy lifestyle

10 Real benefits of a healthy lifestyle

Sure losing weight is great if you want to fit right back into your favourite pair of jeans, but it’s hard, too. All that salad, quinoa, cardio and lifting… isn’t it easier to just admit defeat and resign yourself to a lifetime of ice cream and bingeing TV series?

In the short term, perhaps, but in the long term, there are far more benefits to choosing a healthy lifestyle than simply weight loss – as many of our readers are quick to point out.

“I have so much more vooma now! I’m in a better mood and just have a much better feeling of self-satisfaction. Plus, I get a kick out of noticing small changes, like finally being able to stand up on a ladder to get things off the top shelf rather than heaving myself onto the counter.” – Tracy, 36

“I don’t get cold in winter anymore, it’s awesome. When I gym regularly my body becomes its own heater!” – Jayde, 41

“No drinking means no more awful hangovers, which means more time on the weekends to run.” – Josie, 46

“My skin is so much better, and I’m warmer at night, too.” – Jocelyn, 19

“Better sex, more fun, more confidence and more adventures!” – Barbara, 24

“I have more energy, I’m less prone to depression and I sleep so much better, too.” – Heidi, 29

“I’m less bloated and uncomfortable, and less lethargic during the day.” – Tanya, 34

“I have so much more self-esteem now, because I’m not worried about people noticing my wobbly bits on the dance floor.” – Belinda, 39

“My skin is clearer, my body is more toned and my self-esteem has gone through the roof!” – Cecile, 44

“I’m loving the mental clarity and the increased confidence I have now. I also love that the discipline and the consistency that it takes to live this way is starting to flow into other areas of my life. Here’s to healthy living!” – Hermien, 49

Still in two minds? Then why not give yourself one week. Just seven short days to live, eat, sleep and move more healthily. You’ll be amazed at just how good you’ll feel and just how long you’ll want that same feeling to last!

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