A big person within the ruling NPP would die soon

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We all were thinking that prophecies were limited for only 31st December Watchnight but truth be told we are wrong as more prophets keep dropping more things to expect within the year.

From who is winning the 2020 elections to who would soon die are some of the prophecies that dropped on 31st Night.

According to the leader of Affran Walker Ministries Prophet Cosmos Affran Walker, God revealed a vision to him and in the vision, he saw the colour of the NPP Flag disappear leaving only the red colour.

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He continued that the red color was then joined by a black color and then blood started dropping from the flag.

Then a hand from nowhere took the flag and dropped it into a fire for it to burn into ashes.

Explaining what the vision meant, he stated that it means a very big personality within the party would soon die and that they should be very careful

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He made this revelation on his Facebook timeline.

See screenshot below: