Ghanaian Police Officer Caught On Camera Explaining How He Helps Criminals Make Money

A Ghanaian police officer has been caught on camera bragging about how he allows criminals to do what they like for money. The police officer whose identity has not been established yet was negotiating with other criminals about a bribe to be paid to him.

According to the officer, he is a sergeant at the station and as such has more power at the police station to arrest criminals or not.

He also bragged that he has several ways of helping criminals do their activities in such a way that they can never be arrested by the police.

He also snitched on another police officer, Constable Eshen at the station who also allow criminals who pay him to do their activities and he goes for money later.

When the criminals brought out the money they came to pay him with, he proudly took it and told them he won’t count the money there; he will take it home and count at his comfort

This is not the first time a police officer in Ghana has been caught on camera receiving a bribe from criminals to facilitate their activities

The police in recent times has received a lot of backlash from Ghanaians for most of their activities.

Culled from Ghpage

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