Moesha has discovered the problems of this generation and it’s scary

Actress Moesha
Bodoung has discovered the problem of this generation.

According to the
actress, people in this generation invest fruitful time in the lives of others
with a little focus on their lives.

She mentioned
that until people focus on their lives, the generation will continue to suffer
the brunt.

She said “This
generation is soooo caught up in other’s people’s lives it’s a lil scary
…people put more energy into people they don’t know more than they themselves”.

Moesha became
famous after exposing her semi-nude photos of herself on Instagram.

She was a laughing stock to Ghanaian social media users when she in an interview with CNN was proud to be dating a married man who according to her cannot deny him sex because he may think she is cheating. Offei-Akoto/2019

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