Mahama Mocks Ghanaians For Voting NPP

John Mahama

FORMER President John Mahama’s thirst for re-election into
office in 2020 has seen him teasing Ghanaians anytime he
mounts the podium to address his audiences.

Mr. Mahama, who was rejected by over one million votes in the 2016
presidential elections, has also resorted to blaming Ghanaians for voting
President Akufo-Addo and the ruling New Patriotic Party (NPP) into power.

According to him, God has punished Ghanaians for voting the NPP hence
their present economic plight.

“I strongly believe that God punished Ghanaians by making them vote
for NPP and Akufo-Addo just to expose their lies and propaganda. They lied
their way to power. They convinced Ghanaians with juicy promises,” he stated.

He claimed that the ruling NPP government made lofty promises
which it had failed to deliver.

Mr Mahama is currently on a five-day tour of the Eastern Region,
begging his party delegates to elect him as their flag-bearer for the 2020
general election.

He lamented: “Ghanaians are now crying for a comeback of the NDC
to take them to the ‘promised land’. Where are their promises which include the
‘One district, One factory’, ‘One village, One dam’, ‘One district, One warehouse’

“Ghanaians are looking up to the NDC to save them from the
hardships they’re enduring under the NPP administration. I’ve been to nine
regions so far and everywhere I go they tell me they’ve really regretted voting
into power the Akufo-Addo government. They told me that they were deceived by this
government, and things are tough now for them,” he added.

He claimed that God deliberately allowed the NPP to come to
power “so that Ghanaians can appreciate NDC more because if we were to be in
power by now, you would be complaining and saying the NPP would’ve done far
more better than what perhaps we might have been doing, if we were still in

He therefore called on the NDC to put its house in order so that
it could recapture power in the next elections.

He also asked President Akufo-Addo to come out and ‘apologise’ to Ghanaians for reneging on his campaign promises.

FROM Daniel Bampoe, Koforidua

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