Peace is not cheap – National Peace Council Chairman

General News of Sunday, 13 January 2019



Rev. Prof. Emmanuel Asante.pngMost Rev. Professor Emmanuel Asante

The Chairman of the National Peace Council, Most Rev. Professor Emmanuel Asante has observed that peace is very expensive which government alone cannot shoulder underscoring the need for the citizenry to partner and work towards it, reports.

On Accra-based Uniiq FM he observed that the amount spent by government in the maintenance of peace could be used in building houses for the hundreds of homeless persons in the country if the situation is not as it is reiterating the need for circumspection, whether it is religious or political in the things people say both politically and religiously, so as not to cause people to react to destroy the peace of the country.

“The amount of money that the government spends in the maintenance of peace and security, could build houses for the homeless. Peace is very expensive and we should work towards it. It is not something that the government can bring. It is for everyone one of us to do our part, through what we say and do and the respect that we need to have for one another.” He said.

He observed that there is no absolute peace in any part of the world but was quick to add that it could be worked towards in the spirit of tolerance in order to preserve the peace in the country.

“There is no absolute peace anywhere, but the fact that there is no absolute peace anywhere doesn’t mean we shouldn’t work towards it. It should be an ideal that we work towards. Peace is a process and we need to do those things that will facilitate it.”

“Don’t take the laws into your own hands and think that you are prosecuting your own justice. We have institutions in the country that will do that. It is these institutions that will help us to live in peace and ensure the development of our country. Let’s exercise religious and political tolerance. Live, let me live, because we all belong to the same nation.” He noted.

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