2020 election: Youths in Ghana prepare to contest as independent candidates

Politics of Friday, 11 January 2019

Source: National Redemption Volunteers Movement


Rev. Richmond Owusu-Frimpong is contesting for 2020 elections as an Independent Candidate

Some young and vibrant patriotic Ghanaian youths in their early and late thirties have risen to the task of taking over the governance of the country from what they describe as old fashion leadership.

Delivering the key note address during a program as part of the Constitution Day celebration on the theme, “Redemption by Constitutional means, the role of the people for the people, the founder and leader of the National Redemption Volunteers Movement, Rev. Richmond Owusu-Frimpong said, it was time the youth take up top leadership positions in the country.

He said,”The time has come for the nation to be governed by young patriotic Ghanaian youths who are indeed God fearing and have deeper concerns for the plight of the ordinary Ghanaian. This is the reason why we are stepping in to take over by constitutional means. We are ready to run for public office and allow the wisdom of God to govern this country, instead of the archaic leadership style of our present professional politicians, who only care for themselves and no one else.”

Rev. Owusu-Frimpong, insisted the current breed of politicians in the country are robbing citizens with the outrageous benefits they enjoy which according to him, put stress on the national coffers.

He described Ghanaian politicians as greedy.

“Fellow Ghanaians, l have one difficulty and that is my understanding of the word greediness. If we pay our 275 MPs and all 111 ministers of state over 15,000 (150 Million old currency ) every 22 days, give them free fuel, free office, free accommodation, entertainment allowance, clothing allowance and an unreasonable fat ex-gratia, l think this may be the true meaning of greediness, selfishness and wickedness,” he stressed.

He further stated…”We dole out all these monies to our professional politicians while the people who gave them the power they wield struggle for a ball of kenkey.”

“Gone were the days when they devilishly told us that Ministers of God should not engage in politics. But they are hell wrong! Rather, we are not to engage in partisanship, but no law bar us from engaging in nationalistic politics to bring development to our fellow citizens,” he added.

To give credence to their preparedness to contest in the 2020 elections, the group has launched a crowd funding platform, where individuals, corporate organizations, philanthropist and donors are requested to log into and contribute their widow’s mite to support their campaign.

“Fellow Ghanaians both at home and in the Diaspora, l wish to humbly implore you to log into our website and give to support us so we can embark on this Divine assignment for God and country, your donations will definitely make a difference, to help us procure the logistics needed and to support our teeming volunteers to wrestle power from the NDC and NPP, who are leading us nowhere,” Rev. Owusu-Frimpong appealed.

He further urged Ghanaian youths to rise up and fight for their rights saying, “l wish to call on all Ghanaian youths to as a matter of urgency to arise and fight for your right. Yes get up and fight now, not with guns, stones, sticks or any weapon, but fight with your thumb and secure a great future for yourselves and your unborn children. Kindly log onto https://NRVM.givingfuel.com/national-redemption-volunteers and toss in your donations, God bless our homeland Ghana and make her great and strong”.

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